Friday, October 14, 2011

Sebelum Aku Terlupa

Hai hai, minggu lepas adalah minggu yg paling sibuk buat diri mama eheh, tapi bila pula mama x sibuk. Well dont worry , sibuk tu kan tandanya kita masih berfungsi and masih diingati oleh orang yg disekililing kita. Masih d perlukan katakan. Last week, I attended my friend's daughter's wedding at Concorde Hotel in Shah Alam. The wedding was grand and the guests include those from Australia, Japan and Indonesia , must be from their circle of friends. I must admit that the bride and bridegroom's attires were quite simple but unique though. Gone were the days when we normally expect the bride to wear white wedding gown . Well, we are living in the millineum era where everything come out to be different from what was expect. Anywhere,  it was quite refreshing and interesting to see the couple trying something new.
However, before I forget, let me tell u what I learnt during the weekend while having breakfast with my sis in law, Hjh Saadiah. She related to me one quotation,"when we were young we have ample time, lot of energy but less money. When we were in our forties (prime age) we have all the energy and lots of money but we have no time. However, when we were in our fifties(retiring age), we have the money and the time but we have no energy. Well, that is what we call a circle of life , isn't it interesting. Fikir fikirkanlah ok.

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