Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy birthday Happy birthday to my one n only daughter Fyan Haizum who celebrates her 21st birthday today.May God bless u dik n mama luv u so much. I know today is supposed to be ur freedom day achieving 21 yrs of age but to me u will always be my daughter and there is no such thing as freedom in life coz anywhere u go anything u do will always be in accordance to the rules of life right dear? However u r entitled to make ur own decision now n mama will only advise and monitor u from afar. So my dear sweet child be wise in whatever u decide in life n whoever u befriended hereafter ok. Life is so short so try to make it sweet and signficant ok. Last but not least semoga d jodohkan dgn pasangan yg sentiasa menyenangkan hati, yg bertanggungjawab n yg bertakwa......and always strive to be the best among the best...

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