Sunday, December 09, 2012

Kucing Aku Datang

Pada 29.11.12 petang mama, Fyan dan Kak Bedah pegi Kucing untuk menghadiri perkahwinan anak saudara mama . Our flight was supposed to be at 5pm so we left Shah Alam before 3 as we assumed that we had ample time to reach Lcct in Sepang which normally take us only about 45 minutes drive and true enough we arrived on time. However, luck was not on our side coz the q was so long eventhough we had checked on line on the way to the airport, we were stranded at drop luggage counter for about 1/2 hr and was considered late and were asked to check at late customers's counter at R66. That was 30 minutes before the flight and we still have enough time  if only the officer let us go but then he kept on saying that we were late and demanded that we pay an extra Rm600 per person for a standby seats and of which according to him was so limited. Thus after  long argument with him he finally let us go for 6.45pm flight at 50% discount price and we still consider that we are lucky as there were about 10 people who still waiting for their luck. I can't understand why after paying extra rm they let us go eventhough it was only 15 minutes before the flight. Is it because of the extra rm and if it is the case then they should not use the logo saying everyone can fly, right?. How can everybody fly if they make that kind of system so my dear visitors next time if u ever think of flying please, u better use other airlines ok and forget about low cost airline coz u might end up paying more.

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