Tuesday, September 13, 2011

flower arrangement

1. prepare the flower pot n secure the sponge
2.Arrange d tallest first

 3.Add the shorter one
 4. Final view
Another arrangement
1. Prepare d vase
Third arrangement
Prepare d pot n arrange.

As  promised in my previous post, today I am going to relate to u abt flower arrangement as I see it. Flower arrangement is an interesting activity n intricate hobby.If u set yr mind to do it yr way, u will hv an exclusive arrangement but if u hv no idea or knowledge on the matter u can refer to books or u shd go to the florist n ask them to teach u on any specific arrangement n on what to buy in order to have that kind of arrangement. I am sure u gain some knowledge thru the process.Ummmm klu nk seribu daya ok.With this I include my arrangemenst for yr viewing . Bye bye kiddo.

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