Friday, September 16, 2011

Selamat Hari Malaysia

Selamat Hari Malaysia dari  kami sekeluarga untuk semua rakyat Malaysia. Well I am proud to be malaysian n always remind myself to pray to Allah for the well being of our nation. Let me relate to u my journey to Mecca April last year, almost everywhere we go people usually greet n ask whether we are malaysian or malaizee(as they call us) n the moment we say yes they will automatically respond by saying, Malaysia bagus Malaysia boleh with a big grin. In my opinion as a malaysian , there must be some good job that our ancestors have done in the past that contribute to the recognition n they had sincerely behaving well thru out their journey to the holy place. Well kiddo, my last journey to Mecca was such a memorable one due to the fact that a am a malaysian. Great right being a malaysian? Ramuna Saar

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