Thursday, September 08, 2011

My Turn.

ehem ehem..Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Penyayang Lagi Maha Pengasih..cewah..haha.mak jemah first timer okayh tulis kt sini..haha.okayh stop merapu.Hye guys!now its my turn to turn this blog upside down.hahahaha.*gelak evil sambil cekak pinggang.merapu lagi..*sigh..ksian mama after a few days baru i manage to edit this blog eventhough this blog still looks like so so amatuer..xpe k ma..this is just a starting,i'll try to make this blog looks more interesting okayh.*winkwink

hmm..ada benda yg i x puas hati act.kenapa description 'about me' sgt sgt lah limit?i da karang my karangan byk byk n then this blog x bole terima..hmm..nak bwt mcm mane may i put what i've wrote here?hehe..these are act what im gonna put in my description..happy reading =) - Fyan Haizum

Assalamualaikum.Hello.Hye.Salam 1 Malaysia.Okayh haha semua ada.About us,ewh kenapa pulak about us?bkn about me?okayh,jgn garu kepala..relax, mentioned b4 at my mom's first posting,this blog is a combination of two sempoi soul between a mother and a daughter..thats why la this blog is called bebelan FyannNa ( Fyan n Ramuna).korang msti wondering why do we hv to share blog kn?bwt la sorang 1.senang crita kn.xpe la.everybody got their own reason right?well,the mother is a full time housewife a.k.a mak yg penyayang,bibik,supir,the superb cook,great designer,plumber,technician & many more..haha.and the anak dara plak is a student of Quantity Surveyor at UITM Shah Alam..wanna know more bout us,please regularly =) visit our blog because we gonna write more about ourself,family,interst,doa & tips.TQ <3

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