Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bila Keluarga Datang Bertandang

Last week I was abit busy entertaining my sis inlaw, Ita and her 2 kids , Edin and Anna and her granddaughter (my cucu) Isya. We went to Jakel and Alam Central to do some shopping and definately to buy fabric and what not. Thru out the week we enjoyed doing things together exchanging cooking recipes and sharing latest gosips. I felt bad coz we were unable to go to ICT and uptown with them due to the bad weather so I am hoping that they will be coming back to KL again soon. The above caption are photos taken on the last day of the visit to our house. Thanks Ita,Anna,Edin n not forgeting Isya my sweet bubbly little kiddo, love u all.

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