Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Space U 8

Last saturday after sending Qaiyyum's graduation robe, me and my 3 kids went to Space U 8 to visit the latest shopping complex in Shah Alam. I have been wanting to go there since the opening but due to so many reasons I kept postponing it untill last saturday since we were passing that way from Bestari Jaya the main campus of Unisel. Well the place was really huge but it was abit quiet for a shopping complex. More than half of the shoplots were still unoccupied and eventhough it was saturday afternoon only few shoppers were around, what a pity. Finally, we decided to play boling at Shalin's after our lunch and after getting ourselves some scarfs we decided to go home of which to our surprise we were caught in heavy traffic flow. We had forgotten about the final match between The red Warriors and the ATM that night. Luckily, we managed to divert to Federal Highway to go home. Bye bye kiddo till we meet again, I give you some of the pictures taken at Space U 8 ok.

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